For over 20 years, sustainability and slow fashion have been at the heart of OSKA’s collection design, development and production: Fashion that pleases far beyond one season, high-quality and natural materials and our own production facilities in Europe.

With we want to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. Therefore, re.loving, re.wearing and re.styling the existing OSKA collections are a logical consequence. Vintage is very much back in fashion. To give our timeless and high-quality styles a new life cycle and thus close a sustainable loop, we have three approaches at

Last year’s collections are combined in a new look.


New favourite pieces in limited editions are created from waste materials.

In our shops you will find individual unique pieces at fabulous prices.

Step by step and consistently, we are on the move as a company and are making our contribution towards a change in fashion. Together with you, our customers, we can move forward in terms of sustainability.