About us

about us

About us

From the beginning of our brand, we focused on each customers‘ personality and individuality. It was never about making fast-paced fashion, but about developing products that could empower every woman to express her own personal sense of being.

Inspired by the influences of Japanese designers, we started developing the first OSKA collection in 1998. Our minimalist handling of areal cuts and natural materials, such as linen, cotton, and wool, as well as the development of our own colour scheme, have made the OSKA collection something special.

For us, sustainability is a starting point of our collection. Every season, we write a new chapter, but not a new book. Our bestsellers feature in each new collection, in different forms and always reinterpreted. Our goal is to produce products that are durable and timeless, which, in turn, please our customers from season to season.

It is a constant challenge for us to renew the collection while preserving our own identity. I think we can be proud that OSKA has remained something special.

When I talk to customers, I always notice their enthusiasm for our garments‘ colours, quality, and comfort. That enthusiam is contagious. Indeed, it always pays to write a new chapter.

In addition, with our new line, ISCHIKO, we started to write a new book.

Founded in 2013, ISCHIKO is a Munich-based contemporary fashion brand for the modern-day woman. Modernity, functionality and a passion for design are at the heart of each collection. Our goal is to create key every day pieces that are made to last beyond the season.

Drawing inspiration from contemporary art, music and culture, ISCHIKO merges traditional design methods with new techniques to create unique wardrobe essentials. “Being a team of female fashion makers , we possess a profound under-standing of what women feel good in. The relaxed look of ISCHIKO offers a range of possibilities, a subtle nowness that celebrates personal style”, says Anne Pastré, Head of Design at ISCHIKO.

ISCHIKO is characterised by its considered selection of natural materials and distinctive use of colour and prints. Equipped with our own dyeing house, we love to experiment with new ways of garment dye to explore the depth and breadth of our sartorial landscapes.

ISCHIKO is mainly produced in Europe. Many of our manufacturers are long- standing partners with whom we have established strong bonds of trust and inspiration over the years. These relationships make it possible to provide well-crafted, durable clothing and accessories designed for the ultimate modular wardrobe – ISCHIKO‘s idea of sustainability.