The new brand in the OSKA group was found in February 2013 by the Slovak society OPRO K. S. It was bought out of liquidation of the former Proprietor, the MOM Vertriebs GmbH. The time was right for OSKA to launch a second label on the market.

Stefanie Schmitz, Head of Design at OSKA and her team were made responsible for the development of the ISCHIKO collection. The aim is not, to establish the history of the old brand, but instead the word "and" is always is at most importance. ISCHIKO and OSKA are not mutually exclusive, but next to each other and function in addition. "ISCHIKO is an interesting project for us because we react on the transformation of the adult woman, which is today very different than 30 years ago."

ISCHIKO is aimed at women over 30, the fashion conscious and open-minded customer which shops in the "Contemporary" segment. The look is very versatile, but still has his independent Style. The Coordinates collection contains of 40 units and in addition to the clothing, has the emphasis on knitwear and jersey. Therefore the statement is always casual and relaxed.

The character of ISCHIKO is more feminine than OSKA's, interesting lengths and volumes differentiate the silhouette. The colours coordinate the OSKA collection and the collection can therefore be merchandised together or separate from the OSKA collection.

"The comfortable approach of the colletion is important to us" says the designer "otherwise ISCHIKO should be flexible, close to the pulse of the times and reflect the trends."

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