Boiled Wool

Boiled wool is a purely natural product. Its manufacture requires only wool, water and a little curd soap. It is made by pressing and kneading pure virgin wool knitted fabric in warm water. Unlike loden, which is felted from woven wool, boiled wool remains more elastic due to the knitted fabric. The wool swells up and the fibres mesh together.

Since the wool fibre is crimped, the fibres are never packed tightly together and so pockets of air result. They are what give boiled wool its special warming properties. During production the fabric is deliberately shrunk considerably, which changes its density. This is what makes boiled wool a durable fabric, which is resistant to dirt and cold temperatures. Wool can also absorb up to a third of its own weight in water without feeling damp.

As proven by archaeological finds, people have been making boiled wool since antiquity. Several thousand years ago, people treaded the fabric with their feet and since the Middle Ages this work was done in mills. Today the knitted fabric is processed in special machines.

OSKA works with top quality mouliné boiled wool from superfine merino yarn. It is both lightweight and durable. It provides a significant degree of wearing comfort and keeps its colour and shape for years. The colours are individual OSKA shades.

Our boiled wool product range includes pullovers, trousers, jackets, dresses, skirts, vests, coats, caps and scarves. Both light- and heavy-weight qualities are used which can be worn indoors or outdoors. Our main qualities are manufactured in South Tyrol by the renowned and traditional company Moessmer. The colour palette was developed exclusively for OSKA.

Care instructions: Boiled wool does not crease. Garments can be freshened by simply airing them. Boiled wool garments should be dry-cleaned; it is rarely possible to wash them by hand. Please read your garment label for further details.